Greater Good Northwest moves the fight away from an individual approach to a continual collaboration with the goal of creating forward momentum toward a better future for all.

Simply put, we find out what the community needs, develop relationships between partners, facilitate pooling resources- such as talent, best practices and experience, meet the needs and assess the impact.


Assess the Need

Completion of a comprehensive needs assessment in Spokane County to obtain current relevant data of those facing hardship in our community.


Amplify Awareness

Communicate strategically with partners in Spokane County to bring awareness to the root cause of poverty and injustice and relay this information to our community in a consistent manner.


Assemble the Team

Create and leverage existing community partnerships to collaborate and strategize powerful solutions.


Activate the Solution

Deploy teams strategically to maximize the effectiveness of our resources.


Assess the Impact

Through continued collaboration and partnership, gather data to determine the true impact made in the community.


Adjust for the Greater Good

s the needs of our community change we will remain adaptable and current while constantly progressing towards our end goal.